A state in which a man is not able to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse is known as Erectile Dysfunction. This condition has affected many men, and doctors will, in many circumstances, make a diagnosis when this condition prolongs for weeks. The good thing is that most men can now talk about this openly and as the numbers of diagnoses have increased over time, so have the treatment options.

Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are drugs that have been approved and prescribed by doctors to be taken orally, that is, by mouth. They have been proven to work at an average of 80%. These drugs work by reducing the tension of smooth muscles, thus stimulating an increase of blood flow in the penis in the course of sexual intercourse. For those people who experience normalcy when it comes to erection, these medications are not essential to them.

Furthermore, the drugs are taken after sexual arousal, which triggers the production of nitric oxide, after which the drugs amplify this production, thus causing an erection. Side effects associated include headache, nasal congestion, backache, and a little bit of stomach upset.

However, it is important to make a consultation with your doctor so as to know the right amount of dose to be taken and which will work effectively for you. In instances where someone has heart problems, low blood pressure, or is under nitrate medication, these drugs are not advisable to use as they may be fatal.

The above medicines may not work for everyone, and surgical implants are also an option. This is where an erection is stimulated manually by using an implantable pump that draws fluids into barrels positioned in the interior of the penis. Another possible way is using a malleable prosthesis that levels the penis into the right spot for intercourse.

Injections can also be made directly into the penis, and a drug that is commonly known as Alprostadil is administered. This is the second most recommended drug after oral medication. Side effects associated with the drug include feeling a burning sensation and experiencing an erection which prolongs for hours and needs further medical attention. 

Nevertheless, for those who are not able and willing to inject themselves with Alprostadil, Medical Urethral System for Erection (MUSE) which is a dissolvable pellet, has been approved to treat the dysfunction problem. The pellet is placed directly into the entryway of the penis known as the Urethra and stimulates a 10 minutes erection which can go on for an hour. In addition to the side effects associated with Alprostadil, MUSE can result in minor bleeding.

Herbal medicines have also become an option for some men though others doubt their effectiveness. Ginkgo biloba saw palmetto and Yohimbe are some examples. It should be noted that these herbs have not been approved and proven to work effectively. Taking these herbs as supplements may result in increased side effects and alter the prescribed medications’ progress. Consultation with the doctor is key before taking any drug.

Above are popular treatments for erectile dysfunction. Men, who fear talking about it openly, now have the option of taking these prescribed medications in privacy. However, it is always important to have advice from medical expertise to know what works best for you.



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