EMOTION3D is specialised on the development of intelligent solutions for 3D environment perception and understanding of complex 3D scenes (e.g. analysis of vehicle surroundings). Based on advanced 3D sensor technologies and a profound expertise in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, we analyse 3D enviroments and provide intelligent information on the scene at a level of abstraction where our clients can directly create value for their applications and products.

Sensors & Computer Vision
We use various sensor technologies (e.g. Visible/NIR cameras, mono/stereo, ToF, LIDAR) for precise 3D measurement and 3D scene reconstruction. A solid computer vision background and our expertise from a wide range of industry projects allows designing of vision systems that fulfill the needs of custom applications and fast integration into customer solutions. A wide selection of solid calibration and registration techniques, latest real-time stereo matching approaches and tracking techniques build the foundation of reliable 3D scene analysis.

Machine Learning & AIDrone navigation
Using latest advances in Machine Learning and AI, we build intelligent solutions for the analysis of complex 3D environments. Our use cases range from driver monitoring to analysis of vehicle surrounding for enabling autonomous driving applications. Depending on the application requirements, classical machine learning approaches (e.g. Random Forests, SVMs) or Deep Learning techniques (e.g. CNNs) are developed for intelligent 3D scene analysis (e.g. real-time object detection, recognition and segmentation).

Simulation & Visualization
Machine Learning typically requires large datasets for training and testing. Our team’s profound expertise in Computer Graphics and sensor technologies allows realistic simulation and rendering of 3D scene environments, large-scale synthetic data generation and advanced real-time 3D visualization. This synthetic data generation results in high-quality data for training of machine learning algorithms and avoids a labor intensive collecting and labeling of data.

Embedded Software
Powerful embedded platforms such as the NVIDIA Drive PX2 enable the development of performant and cost-efficient solutions. We support our customers in creating platform-optimized solutions and can customize our software and algorithms for a wide range of embedded platforms (e.g. Drive PX2 and Jetson TX1) and architectures. Using a multi-platform development process, we can quickly transfer initial algorithms to field-tested embedded platforms. In collaboration with various hardware partners, we can also offer the development of tailored HW/SW solutions that can meet your product requirements.

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