EMOTION3D is specialised on the development of intelligent solutions for 3D environment perception and understanding of complex 3D scenes (e.g. analysis of vehicle surroundings or in-cabin environments). Based on advanced 3D sensor technologies and a profound expertise in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, we analyse 3D enviroments and provide intelligent information on the scene at a level of abstraction where our clients can directly create value for their applications and products.

Automotive Vision
Building on a multitude of projects in the automotive industry, we develop solutions for the analysis of complex 3D environments where humans and vehicles are typically operating in, e.g. for autonomous driving applications or for automatisation and assistance during complex machinery and vehicle operations. Our strong expertise in 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning, a profound understanding of 3D sensor technologies and related algorithms (e.g. gesture recognition, object detection & recognition & tracking, driver monitoring, 360 surround view, visual odometry, 3D reconstruction, multi-camera calibration, in-cabin/outdoor environment analysis) and usage of industry-proofen hardware architectures and software development (e.g. embedded software development, low-level/GPU programming) enable a short time-to-market and reduces development risk.

Augmented Reality
A large range of novel Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are entering the market and open up new possibilities for implementing innovative applications in industry areas such as automotive, robotic and navigation. EMOTION3D creates and implements advanced AR concepts and solutions and enables customers to embrace these new technologies within their industry applications and products. Together with our customers we identify crucial tasks that can benefit from AR and combine our advanced AR software design know-how (e.g. using Unity for Microsoft Hololens) and algorithm expertise (e.g. gesture recognition, 360/3D video capturing, tracking & motion estimation) to jointly find and develop competitive solutions that stand out.

Mobile VisionDrone navigation
Powerful embedded platforms such as the NVIDIA Drive PX2 enable novel mobile applications within areas such as robotic, transportation and logistics. For example, mobile vehicle or infrastructure monitoring, collision avoidance for unmanned aerial vehicles or intelligent cargo process monitoring. We support our customers in creating new products and innovating their specific industries. A strong expertise in rapid prototyping of mobile vision applications and a solid R&D background (e.g. tracking, 3D measurement & reconstruction, visual navigation,  object recognition) guarantees fast time-to-market and lowers development risk.


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