Visual Inspection

Imaging techniques used for Visual Inspection and Quality Control applications enables a large range of new possibilities for accurate and inexpensive nondestructive examination (NDE). This includes for example detection and examination of a variety of surface flaws, such as corrosion, surface nish, contamination, and surface discontinuities. Our team has extensive expertise on topics such as 3D object measurement and can provide in-depth knowledge at all stages of inspectional imaging. 

Visual Inspection Technology:

  • Custom Vision Systems
  • Object Detection & Recognition
  • Pose Estimation
  • Optical Flow
  • Multi-Senor Fusion
  • Active 3D Vision (e.g. Laser-Triangulation, Structured Light)
  • Active Lighting
  • Object Analysis & Feature Extraction

Your Benefits:

  • You will benefit from our experts whom have been working on Visual Inspection in several different projects
  • You will benefit from our agile team structure
  • You will benefit from our extensive R&D results
  • You will benefit from our network of industry professionals

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