Based on a strong R&D expertise and through outstanding services we can offer our customers cost-effective and direct access to 2D/3D imaging technologies and help our clients to reduce time to market and development risk and lower their costs of development. Established in 2009, we have completed many projects in diverse industries such as automotive, film & broadcasting and mobile vision and can support you from the idea to the final product, including:

Vehicle detection, traffic monitoringCustom Software Development
We create tailored 3D depth sensing solutions that integrate environment perception and intelligent scene understanding in your applications and products. Based on latest 3D sensor technologies and advanced machine learning expertise, we develop software solutions using high-level languages such as C/C++/CUDA/Phyton or low-level assembler for a range of processors, PCs, GPUs and several families of multi-core devices. We have particular expertise in optimising code for low resource or high performance parallel architectures.

Application-related Research and Feasibility Studies
We provide fast validations of initial ideas and early stage concepts and a sound technical basis for making decisions on new product and solution developments. This includes, for example, technical concepts based on 3D sensing technologies, feasibility studies and development of proof-of-concepts or prototypes. Working in short development iterations in close communication with our customers to gather their specific needs enable a flexible project execution and to create a solid foundation for the development of reliable products. 

Research Projects
We believe in constant innovation and the importance of building-up expertise in latest technology trends in all our activities. This allows us to help our customers to stand out in their industries. Based on a close collaboration with various research institutions and by participating in many research projects, EMOTION3D has built up an profound expertise in planning and execution of complex research projects and can support its customers in the implementation of national or international research projects.  

ConsultingConsulting & Workshops
The usage of advanced 3D sensor technologies for developing innovate products and services requires a wide range of expertise in areas such as 3D computer vision and machine perception. We provide consulting and workshops to get you familiar with the possibilities of 3D sensor technologies and on how you can exploit the full potential of these technologies for your products and innovations.


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